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Each 360Works plug-in is available as a demo version that allows users to evaluate a plug-in. These demonstration copies will generally have limitations on their use such as an expiration date, a time-out timer (typically 2 hours), or limited access to functions.

Registering your plug-in gives you full access to the plug-in’s functions. When you purchase a plug-in from 360Works, you will be given a license key to register your product.

Plug-ins need to be registered in the location that they will be used, whether FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, and FileMaker Server Web Publishing.

If you are using the plug-in in FileMaker Pro, you can register your plug-in using FileMaker’s menu. Just select FileMaker Preferences > Plug-ins > Select Plug-in > Configure. Enter the registration name and license key in the fields provided. This information is case sensitive, so be sure to copy directly from your confirmation email.


If you are using the plug-in as part of a network, where multiple users will be connecting to your database and accessing the plug-in, or registering the plug-in with FileMaker Server or FileMaker Server Web Publishing, you’ll need to register the plug-in using a script. We recommend putting this in your database startup script, so that the plug-in will always be registered when new users connect to your database.

To create the script, open your database and select Scripts > Manage Scripts. This will launch the scripts manager.


Next, start typing the name of the register function for the specific plugin that you want to register. Select the register function and then click the option button and enter in the values for the license key and registered to parameters


Once you have filled out the parameters, run the script by clicking the play button in the top left corner of the script workspace. This will register the plugin.

Alternatively, you can register the plugin in a calculation dialog. For instruction on how to do so see this page for instructions.

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