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Plugin Registration

All 360Works plugins require registration with you license key after you have made a purchase from our online store. Each of the three deployment locations for 360Works plugins needs to be registered separately in order for the plugins to be active in that location. The three locations are:

1) FileMaker Pro 2) FileMaker Server 2) FileMaker Server Web Publishing

Register With a Script

All three of these deployments can register plugins by calling the plugin's registration function, which you can call in a set variable script step, likely in the startup script for your database. The registration function only needs to be called one time in each place, but by putting it in your startup script you can make sure that the plugin will always be registered when new users and machines connect to your database.

The function call might look like (using Scribe as an example):

Set Variable [$register; Value:ScribeRegister("IABB20BSIVB9B2OQWEVJB"; "ACME, Inc.")

The registration function must be called by an IWP user to be registered in IWP, by a server scheduled script to be registered on the server, and in FileMaker pro in order to be registered in filemaker pro. By adding your registration to your startup script you make sure that it will be called by each of these users before they try using the plugin functions, as a startup script is always called before FileMaker Pro, IWP, or scheduled scripts perform any other tasks.

Note:When executing scripts via FileMaker server or in Web Publishing, it is best practice to have your registration function calls at the beginning of every script that is going to run plugin functions. This will ensure that the instance of the plugin that is instantiated for that script is registered.

Register in the Menu

Filemaker Pro users can also register functions by going into the FileMaker Preferences > Plugins tab > select plugin > Configure and entering the registration information in the window that pops up. This method will only register the plugin on the particular machine that you enter it on, while the last method will autmatically register the plugin when users connect to your database.

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