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The Scribe plugin page can be found here:

Plugin documentation page:



Which document formats does Scribe support?

Scribe supports the following document formats:

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF format
  • Plain text format (not supported by Scribe's "ScribeDoc" functions
  • Microsoft Word (2007 or later) .docx format
  • Microsoft Excel (2007 or later) .xlsx format
  • XML for certain functions (ScribeDocReadValue, ScribeDocWriteValue)

Does Scribe support EXIF data?



No occurrences of [placeholder string] were found in the document

If a string is modified in a document Word will sometimes break the string apart to store it internally. This causes an issue with the ScribeDocSubstitute function as the strings do not match.

To solve this issue:

  • Highlight the entire placeholder occurrence. Be sure to make sure that any "space" characters are picked up as well.
  • Retype the entire placeholder at one time (special characters included)
  • Repeat for each placeholder that is not found

This should replace the split string in the document with one complete string that can be found and replaced by Scribe.

Very small font in PDF

If a PDF is formatted to use the Times New Roman font, you may see very small font when writing to the PDF. This can be fixed by formatting the PDF to use the Times Roman font instead.

ScribeFileAsText doesn't return all the text from a PDF

Scribe sometimes can't read text on multiple layers. Try opening the PDF in a viewer and saving it as a flattened PDF.

Fillable PDF becomes unmodifiable after writing to it with Scribe

"This document enabled extended features in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. The document has been changed since it was created and use of extended features is no longer available..." and the form becomes un-editable. This happens because the PDF is set up to not allow third part apps write to the PDF and thus break the extended features and lock the form. To work around this you can open the pdf in another reader besides Acrobat or save a copy of the file that disables the extended features.

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