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Zulu 2 introduces the ability to sync attendees between FileMaker Server and Google or Exchange/Office365.

Due to the flat nature of an events layout, attendees have to be stored in a particular fashion. Attendees must be stored in a return separated list of values and they can be formatted one of three ways:

  • "First Last<email@address.com>"
  • "<email@address.com>"
  • "email@address.com"

Zulu will write attendees back to FileMaker in the format "First Last<email@address.com>" if a display name is given, otherwise they will appear like this "<email@address.com>"

Attendee statuses

Currently marking an attendee as "will attend" or "will not attend" is not a supported feature of Zulu. If attendees are marked as attending or not attending in Google/Exchange will maintain their status, but the status will be unavailable in FileMaker.

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