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Filtering using a filter key and value

ZuluCalendarList zulu_filterKey and zulu_filterValue fields.

In Zulu 2, much like Zulu 1, filtering your calendars is a very simple process and typically does not require republishing your field mappings. The exception to the republishing rule is if you have added, removed, or change the mapped filter field in your Events layout. If you simply need to add a filter to your ZuluCalendarList, no republish is required.

In the image to the right, you can see the vanilla ZuluCalendarList layout which contains several fields which alter the behavior of Zulu 2. The fields highlighted are the zulu_filterKey and zulu_filterValue fields. These fields are very simple: the filterKey field contains the name of the field you'd like to use to filter (Located on your Events layout) This field does not need to be fully qualified. "Status" is acceptable instead of "Events::Status". The filterValue field contains the value in the filter field that will qualify events for the current calendar. So say if you wanted to add a calendar of events with an active status, you would duplicate your current unfiltered ZuluCalendarList record, then you would enter "Status" into your zulu_filterKey field, and "Active" into your zulu_filterValue field.

Filtering by age of events

ZuluCalendarList zulu_showDaysInPast and zulu_showDaysInFuture fields.

Another method of limiting the events that end up in a calendar is to use the show days in future/past feature of Zulu 2. This allows you to restrict events with start dates older, or further in the future than the specified limits. In the image to the right, the zulu_showDaysInPast and zulu_showDaysInFuture fields are highlighted.
Note: Exchange sync only supports date filtering coming from FileMaker. You cannot restrict the events that are fetched from Exchange.

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