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DocuBin - Settings



Select the menu option "DocuBin Settings…", which can be found under the menu "FileMaker Pro (Advanced)" on Macs, or under the menu "Help" on Windows.


  • Company Name
  • Deletion Policy - how long deleted records should remain in DocuBin before they are permanently deleted.
  • Autoupdate Server - This determines where plugins get installed from.

My Account

Information about the current user.


Enter and modify registration information for DocuBin. This setting is restricted to DocuBin admins.


Enter and modify information about the SuperContainer installation for this copy of DocuBin. This setting is restricted to DocuBin admins.

  • Base URL
  • Security
  • 360Works Hosting Sub-Root


Templates allow users to capture custom meta data for the files they insert into DocuBin. Whereas one user may find it helpful to create a Template called "Audio" with labels called Duration, Bit rate, and Channels, a law firm or a marketing department would have wildly different criteria to collect.

To create a Template:

  1. Open DocuBin Settings...
  2. Select Templates. Click the plus button [+] to create a new template.
  3. Give your template a name.
  4. Now, click the plus button [+] next to Labels to create as many labels as you want your template to have. Options for each label are as follows:
    • Order: the order of your labels
    • Type: select from Text, Number, Date, Time, and Timestamp
    • Label: the name of your label
    • Active: only labels marked as active will be added to a Document

To delete a template or label:

  • To delete a template select the menu option 'Delete Template' from the 'File' menu. A template can be deleted if it has not been added to any Documents.
  • To delete a label click into the label name and press the minus button [-] next to 'Labels'. A label can be deleted if no values have been entered for it on the 'Document Info' layout.

Users & Groups


  • Only admins can manage users.

To create a user:

  1. Open DocuBin Settings...
  2. Select Users. Click the plus button [+] to create a new user.
  3. Select an account authentication: FileMaker or External Server.
  4. For FileMaker Authentication: select a password and a privilege set.
  5. Use the File menu to delete users, deactivate users, or change user passwords
If you select External Server, make sure your Open Directory (Mac) or Active Directory (Windows) Server is configured with the following groups: 

* docubinadmin
* docubinuser


  • Anyone can create a group
  • Only the owners of a group can manage it

To create a Group:

  1. Open DocuBin Settings...
  2. Select Groups. Click the plus button [+] to create a new group.
  3. Give your group a name.


The steps below explain how to create a group membership:

  1. Click the plus button [+] next to 'Group Membership'.
  2. Single-click to select a user or a group.
  3. Select a membership level for the User: Member (the default) or Owner.
  4. Click 'Select'
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