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DocuBin - Quick Start


Minimum Requirements

  • FileMaker Pro 12 or 13
  • DocuBin.fmp12
  • DocuBinUtility.fmp12
  • DocuBinWSM.fmp12
  • SuperContainer
  • (Plugins are installed via Autoupdate)

Getting started with DocuBin

  1. Download, install, and configure SuperContainer
  2. Open DocuBin.fmp12 and select either 'Create Account' or 'External Authentication'. If you are using External Authentication create the following groups on your Open/Active Directory Server: docubinadmin, docubinuser.
  3. Login with a DocuBin admin account and:
    1. register DocuBin
    2. set the SuperContainer Base URL
  4. Insert some folders and start using DocuBin.

Updating DocuBin

  1. Place your old copies of DocuBin.fmp12 and DocuBinUtility.fmp12 into the subfolder 'Old', located inside your new DocuBin download folder.
  2. Open the new copy of Docubin.
  3. Select the option 'Import Files and Settings'.
  4. Click 'Import'. If you are prompted for authentication, use the system account and password from the old copy of DocuBin.
  5. When the update is complete you can re-login to the new copy of Docubin with the accounts and passwords you created in your old copy. Make sure to save your old copies somewhere safe.

Installing Plugins

In addition to SuperContainer, DocuBin requires several plugins to function. By default, DocuBin is configured to use 360Works' server to automatically install these plugins for you. If you prefer to host these plugins yourself:

  1. Open fmp:// and follow the directions to download and install the plugins to your FileMaker Server.
  2. Open DocuBin.fmp12
  3. Select the menu Docubin Settings…, which can be found under the menu FileMaker Pro (Advanced) on Macs, or under the menu Help on Windows.
  4. Select General. At the bottom where the section is titled AutoUpdate, change the selection from 360Works to Local.

Plugin not loading?

DocuBin uses FileMaker's auto update functionality to download FileMaker extensions to a user's FileMaker extension directory. If extensions are also installed in the FileMaker extension directory there will be a conflict and the plugin will not load or function correctly. Also, any custom ScriptMaster plugins created prior to version 4.123 would cause a plugin to load or function incorrectly.

Server-Side Scripts

If you are hosting DocuBin with FileMaker Server, add the scripts below to your FileMaker Server's list of scheduled scripts:

  • Run Every Day
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