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The email plugin page is here:
Plugin documentation page:



Too many errors on this connection

Some mail servers (typically IIS) have a configuration setting for how many messages can be sent across a single session. To solve this issue:

  • Close the connection at the end of the loop, and re-open it at the beginning. This will slow down sending significantly, but is probably the easiest way to fix the problem
  • Configure your SMTP server to remove any limitations on maximum number of messages, maximum message size, maximum number of failures allowed per connection. This might only be an option if you're hosting your own SMTP server
  • Switch to a different SMTP server that has no limits on number of messages you can send.

EmailSend error: "Invalid Addresses"

It appears there is an issue sending messages using the plugin with some OS X. The EmailConnect works fine as do many of the other functions. But the EmailSend function returns the "Invalid Address(es)" error. The stack trace shows the following exception:

SMTPAddressFailedException: 504 5.5.2 <>: Helo command rejected: need fully-qualified hostname

This is due to the spam settings on the mail server. A fix can be found here:

EmailConnectX method error: "PKIX path building failed"

This error can occur when the underlying Java process for the Email plugin cannot establish a "secure" connection to the given mail server. This error can occur even if the mail server does not require any kind of secure connection such as SSL or TLS.

There is a special parameter that can be passed to the EmailConnectX method (EmailConnectIMAP, EmailConnectSMTP, etc.) that will force the Java process to trust the connection it makes without regard to any warning/error messages. Pass an additional parameter to the EmailConnectX method of "forceTrust=true" to force the process to ignore an unverifiable connection. E.g., EmailConnectIMAP( "" ; "myUsername" ; "myPassword" ; "forceTrust=true" )

Note:We strongly recommend you verify the IP address or DNS name of the mail server to ensure that you are connecting to the proper machine!

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