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Enable Gmail APIs

  • From the Google Developer Console Dashboard, select "Library" from the menu

GoogleLibrary Start.png

  • This will bring you to a page where you can search for APIs that you want to enable. Search for "Gmail", then select the "Gmail API" result

GoogleLibrary SearchForGmail.png

  • Enable this API

GoogleLibrary EnableAPI.png

  • Now that the API is enabled, we need to add the right scopes to our OAuth consent screen, head back to the dashboard.
Hamburger Menu -> APIs And Services -> OAuth Consent Screen

GoogleLibrary BackToOAuth.png

  • Now click "Edit App"

GoogleOAuthConsent EditApp.png

  • Scroll down and click "Save And Continue" to advance to the next page.

  • On the "Scopes" page, click the "Add or Remove Scopes" button

GoogleOAuthConsent AddScopes.png

  • (Optional) In the list of scopes, use the filter to narrow down the scopes to Gmail scopes only

GoogleOAuthConsent FilterScopes.png

Read, compose, send, and permanently delete all your email from Gmail

GoogleOAuthConsent SelectGmailScope.png

  • Scroll down and click "Update"

GoogleOAuthConsent UpdateScopes.png

  • You should now see the scope reflected in the "Restricted Scopes" section.
  • Click "Save And Continue"

GoogleOAuthConsent SaveScopes.png

  • Click "Save And Continue" again, then on the Summary screen click "Back To Dashboard"
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