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By default, 360Works plugins use 96 MB of heap space for the JVM to run its code. When working with very large files or amounts of data, the plugin may run out memory. You can adjust the amount of memory the plugin has available by creating a custom memorysize file. You must restart FileMaker after installing a custom memorysize to get the plugin to load the new file.


Pre-built custom memorysize files

These are ready-made custom memorysize files set to various amounts. You can download these and install them to the respective OS directories (sizes are in MB)

Place the memorysize file in one of these locations:

  • OS X: '/Library/Application Support/360FmKit/'
  • Windows:
    • XP: 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\360Works\'
    • Vista, 7, and 8: 'C:\ProgramData\360Works\' The ProgramData folder may be hidden. Please see this article on how to show hidden files on Windows
    • Server 2008: 'C:\Users\Admin\360Works\'

How to create your own memorysize file


  • create a file named memorysize with no extension at '/Library/Application Support/360FmKit/memorysize' which contains the required heap size, in megabytes (i.e. 128)

Instructions for using Terminal to create custom memorysize file

  • Open Terminal
  • Type "cd /Library/Application\ Support/360FmKit". If this directory doesn't exist yet, you will need to create it using either the "mkdir" command or through Finder
  • Type "sudo vi memorysize". You may be prompted for your password
  • Hit the "a" key to start "append" mode.
  • Enter the desired custom memory size in MB. There should only be the numbers with no trailing spaces or carriage returns.
  • Hit the "esc" key
  • Type ":wq" and hit return. ":" takes you into command mode, "w" is for "write", and "q" is for "quit" so this command will take you out of edit mode, save the file, and go back to the command prompt


  • On Windows XP, the memorysize file should be located at 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\360Works\memorysize'
  • On Windows Server 2008 the file should be 'C:\Users\Admin\360Works\memorysize'

Create a blank text document and rename it to "memorysize". Enter the desired custom memory size in MB. There should only be numbers with no trailing spaces or carriage returns. You must ensure that the file has no extension (.txt, etc.). You can remove extensions by un-checking the "Hide extensions for known file types" box in Windows Explorer folder options. Then rename the file without the extension. You may need to create the "360Works" directory.

Installation verification

It can be difficult to determine if the custom memorysize file has been picked up successfully. You can check the plugin log file for a message on whether the file was loaded. Here is a list of plugin log locations:

If the plugin picked up the memorysize file, there should be a message on/around line 5 stating "Found custom memory file".

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