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ScriptMaster is a free, general purpose plug-in. Extended documentation here.


Deployment and installation

Will ScriptMaster run on FileMaker Server?

Yes. ScriptMaster will run in all three possible plugin configurations: FileMaker Client, FileMaker Server, and FileMaker Web Publishing Engine. See the Plugin installation page for information on where to put the plugin for these configurations.

Changing Log Location

To specify the location to which ScriptMaster writes log files, create a file called "loglocation". The contents of the file should contain the path you want to use to store log files. Place the file in the appropriate location:

  • OS X: /Library/Application Support/360FmKit
  • All Windows: C:\360Works\loglocation


When using Select File module I get spinning beach ball (Mac)

This sometimes happens when you use the Select File module with the Allow User Abort FM script step set to OFF. Setting this value to ON, allows the Select File function to work smoothly.

Using Get( InstalledFMPlugins ) with custom plugins generated by ScriptMaster

Due to a bug in FileMaker, the Get( InstalledFMPlugins ) function will return the version number of the ScriptMaster plugin used to generate the custom plugin instead of the custom plugin's version number. You should use the included "xVersion" function that comes with all custom built ScriptMaster plugins instead when trying to determine which version of your custom plugin is installed.

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