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(Primary Logging Levels)
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<code>1catalina.org.apache.juli.FileHandler.level = ERROR</code>
<code>1catalina.org.apache.juli.FileHandler.level = SEVERE</code>
Once you've set it to the level you'd like, go ahead and save the file.
Once you've set it to the level you'd like, go ahead and save the file.

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If you're running into large log files or just want to limit the size of your log files in general, you may edit the logging properties in Zulu.


Step 1

Navigate to the following directory for your respective systems and open up logging.properties in your text editor of choice.


C:\Program Files\360Works\Application\webapps\zulu\WEB-INF\classes\




If you cannot find either directory, you may have a custom installation of Zulu. Please contact the system administrator who installed Zulu for assistance finding this installation location.


If you did a hosting provider installation of zulu, the "zulu" in the filepath (the bold large text) will instead be the name you gave to your hosting provider installation.

Step 2

With logging.properties open, do a search for the 1catalina.org.apache.juli.FileHandler.level property. You want to change the text after the property to the level you want to log. By default it is INFO, please revert your logging level to INFO if you require support.

Primary Logging Levels

  • FINE
  • INFO

To change the logging level, simply change the last word to match the max level you want to log.


1catalina.org.apache.juli.FileHandler.level = SEVERE

Once you've set it to the level you'd like, go ahead and save the file.

Step 3

Restart Zulu in the 360Works Admin Tool to begin logging at the level you've set.

Reasons to change logging level

For a single-instance of Zulu changing the level will likely be unnecessary, but for multiple instances (which you will need to change the logging properties for each instance) your log file can build up, fast. Changing the log level can save disk space on your system, especially if you have Zulu refreshing at a short interval.

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