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Launch the Sync Admin Page

The first step when setting up any Zulu 2 sync configuration is to access the Zulu 2 Sync Admin Page. This page can typically be found at http://localhost/zulu however, the location of this page may differ depending on unique installation configurations.

When you are greeted with the Zulu 2 Welcome Page, click the "Sync Admin" link and log in using the credentials configured during installation.

Add New Sync Configuration

Now that we have access to the Zulu 2 Sync Admin page, it's time to create a new configuration. Click on the button underneath the empty configuration list labeled "Add New Sync Configuration" This will begin the process for creating your very first Google Sync!

Zulu 2 Configurator

Zulu 2 introduces a different style of configuration than you may be used to. We have adopted a web based wizard which will guide you through the steps necessary to set up your sync with Exchange. This process is quite simple; however, each step will be covered in the following section.

Configuration Name

This is the very first step presented to you when you begin using the Zulu 2 Configurator. This is simple, just name your configuration! This name has no particular significance except to help you keep track of which configurations do what. For example, you might name your configuration "Office Google Sync" or "Personal Calendars - Exchange"

Once you have designated a configuration name, click Next.

FileMaker Account

The next step in creating a new Zulu 2 sync configuration is specifying the hosted FileMaker Server file you would like to use as your configuration's data source, and setting up the credentials for logging into the file. Be sure to correctly enter your username and password, then begin typing the name of the file you'd like to use in the field labeled "Choose Database" The field will read your hosted FileMaker files with filenames beginning with the text you entered.

When the correct file appears in the list, choose it to finish filling the field.

Once you have specified a file and login credentials, click Next.

Field Mapping Confirmation

The next step in the Zulu 2 Configurator serves two purposes. The first is to inspect the field mappings of the published calendars in the file specified in the previous step, and let you know whether the field mappings are valid (whether we have all the required fields we need, and can read the calendar list) You'll notice that there is a row of check boxes on the left edge of the calendar list. This is the second purpose of this step. You may check and uncheck calendars to designate that you want them to be included in this sync configuration. This allows you to set up multiple sync configurations with different subsets of calendars depending on your needs.

Once you have selected the calendars you'd like to sync, and confirmed that their field mappings are valid, click Next.

Sync Type Selection

This step will help you get authenticated with the sync destination of your choice. You must choose one of the radio buttons corresponding to the type of account you hold. Zulu 2 supports two types of syncing accounts:

  • Google Calendar
  • Exchange/Office365 Calendar

Select "Sync with Exchange" then enter your Exchange login email address and password into the provided fields. Be sure to press the "Authenticate" button to trigger Zulu to authenticate with your Exchange server. Once authentication is complete, the email and password input fields will be removed and replaced with a green checkbox and the text "Authenticated!"

Once you have authenticated with your Exchange account, click Next.

Calendar Mapping

This step is the real bulk of the configuration process. Here you select the destination calendar you would like to sync your FileMaker events with, as well as the sync directionality.

Destination Select

If you already have a calendar with the same name as your Zulu 2 calendar, the Zulu 2 Configurator will select that calendar for you by default. If you do not have a matching calendar, the selection will default to "Create for me...". Calendar names do not need to match, so feel free to change the destination calendar.

Sync Directionality

You can change the directionality individually for each of your calendars included in your sync configuration by clicking on the directionality graphic between the FileMaker calendar name and the Google calendar name. Zulu 2 offers three different sync directions:

  • Bidirectional (insert/update/delete on both sides of the sync)
  • Read From Hub (insert/update/delete only in the Google Calendar)
  • Read From Spoke (insert/update/delete only in the FileMaker Calendar)

Once you have mapped your destination calendars and specified your sync directionality, click Finish


Congratulations on setting up your very first Exchange Calendar sync using the Zulu 2 Configurator! You should be redirected back to the Sync Admin Page where you can view your newly created calendar. Press the "Sync Now!" button to try out your new configuration.

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