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Changing the Date Range for a Calendar: using Date Range Gates

Unless you have very few records in your FileMaker table, you'll likely wish to costrain the number of records Zulu considers to those that fall with a range of the current date, rather than writing the entire table to iCal. This reduces the load on your FileMaker Server and keeps the size of the iCal fetch to something iCal can retrieve and display before it times out. (Note that filtering has a similar effect.)

You can specify a date range for each calendar on the ZuluCalendarList layout. There you'll find two fields: "zulu_showDaysInFuture" and "zulu_showDaysInPast". Enter a number into each field.

For example if "zulu_showDaysInFuture" is set to 30 and "zulu_showDaysInPast" is set to 15, Zulu will only look into FileMaker Server for records whose start date is 15 days before the current date through 30 days after the current date (not the current focus date in iCal). If you navigate iCal 20 days into the past, you won't see any records for this FileMaker calendar.

Note that this only looks at the event's start date. So, given the same example above, if we had a very long event that started 2 months in the past, and extended 90 days into the future. We wouldn't see it at all with the date rage gates set up this way. We'd want to widen the gates to at least 60 days in the past to get the start of this long event.

These gates only work with iCal, and not with the Google Sync.

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