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Note: Zulu's Contact Sync is Back in Beta

Regretfully, we've just never been able to get the contact sync in Zulu to be reliable with Google Contacts. Some of this is that Google Contacts is changing and some if that contacts are inherently more complicated than calendar events (the calendar sync in Zulu is rock solid). So until we can get this rock solid we're demoting the contact sync to Beta and no longer supporting it.

We'll continue playing with this here but won't be able to help customers try and get it working: it just isn't reliable enough. At this point we don't have an ETA as to when this feature may be available again, if ever. Believe me, we wanted this to work as bad as you did. Dec 27, 2012.

Why sync with Google Contacts?

Syncing your FileMaker contacts with Google makes them portable, so that you can work with your FileMaker contacts in Google, in the iPhone's address book, and in the Mac Address Book application.

When you add or edit a contact in one of these applications, Zulu syncs that edit with your FileMaker database.


For the first time, you can have one contact list, based in FileMaker, and accessible on your mobile devices.

How it works

After adding Zulu to your contacts file, you'll map a FileMaker account with a Google account and then Zulu will sync any contacts that account sees with the contact list for that Google account. Zulu uses a simple "last edit wins" rule for reconciling conflicts and can be set to sync automatically, so there are no FileMaker scripts to write or run. Zulu takes care of it.

For more on how this all works and why we build Zulu, check out Zulu The Big Picture

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