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Does Zulu Support Repeating Events?

Not really. Repeating Events created in iCal are not translated into repeating events in FileMaker.

However, if your FileMaker solution creates repeating events as distinct events in their own right (as SeedCode Calendar does) then those individual events are sent correctly to iCal. So if you're only making repeating events in FileMaker and reading them in iCal, that works great in Zulu.

If you need to create repeating events in iCal and bring those repetitions into FileMaker, SeedCode Calendar has the ability to receive an event create in iCal as repeating and then explode that into separate event records in FileMaker: we're currently testing this is as a custom modification of SeedCode Calendar Pro for FileMaker 10/11.

The simplest version of this is to let users create repeating events in iCal and then use Zulu's "post editing" script (a script Zulu runs upon the creation or edit of any event) to interpret the repetition rule and turn that 1 iCal event into one-repetition-per-record in FileMaker, then sending those events back to iCal. This works great with one exception which may or may not be a problem for you: users in both FileMaker and iCal will only be able to edit individual events. They won't be able to say, in iCal, "Oh, I meant to repeat that event on Tuesdays instead of on Wednesdays." In FileMaker, of course, they can make that change using the Replace Field Contents menu action and Zulu/iCal will see those changes.

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