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Using iCal: How do I add a FileMaker Calendar to my iPhone or iPad?

Here are the settings you'll use to enter the FileMaker Server as a calendar source on your iPhone. To begin, click "Publish" on the field mapping layout in FileMaker Pro and copy the URL you'll use. Email this URL to yourself so you can copy that URL on your iPhone or iPad rather than typing it in. Check email on your phone and copy that url before step 1 below.

1. Click on Settings, then on Mail, Contacts, Calendars
2. Under "Accounts" click " Add Account..." and select "Other".
3. Under "Calendars" click " Add CalDAV Account"
4. Where it says Server, enter the publication url for your calendar. Paste this in if you've copied it from your email. This is the URL provided when you click the "Publish" button in your calendar, for example:
If you enter http:// on the iPhone when entering the host, it doesn't prompt you for the port number (it reads it from the URL) and it doesn't bother you about the SSL stuff.
5. Enter the username and password you use to connect to your FileMaker database. Remember that the privilege set used for this account has to have access to the fmxml and fmxslt extended privileges.
6. Enter a name for your calendar.

That's it. Your iPhone will automatically create one calendar for each of the multiple calendars in your FileMaker file (if there is more than one). It will take several minutes for the calendars to appear as options in the calendar app itself.

For best results, turn timezone support to OFF under Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars ->Time Zone Support. This will tell the phone to always use your current location as the reference time for events- and this is the only way events created on the iphone will show up at the right time in FileMaker and iCal.

Using Google: Adding a synced Google Calendar to your phone.

This is easy, and there are no long URLS to enter. In settings, create a new account, select GMAIL as the account type and then enter you Google username and password.

Refreshing on the iPhone

Unlike the desktop version of iCal, the iPhone has no mechanism to force a manual refresh. The phone will refresh on its own every 10 to 15 minutes.

Maps, Phone Numbers, Emails, etc.

Note that any phone numbers, email addresses, URLs, or physical addresses placed in this note field will be picked up as links when the event is viewed on your iPhone. Very cool. Separate these with carriage returns to make them easier to click with your finger. Note that while you can't use Calc Fields in the event notes, for instance, you can use auto-enter calcs to get the same effect. Troubleshooting & Limitations

  • If you can't see events in the past, you may have your phone's calendar set to only show recent events. Scroll down to the "Calendars" section in Settings / Mail, Contacts, Calendars and change the Synch frequency to "Events 3 Months Back" or whatever you find appropriate.
  • The older iPhone calendars won't let you move events from one calendar to another (won't let you change the event's color). This isn't a FileMaker thing; it's an iPhone thing. However, when you create an event you can specify which calendar to use (it is the last option on the "edit" screen before the notes field). Newer versions of the iPhone calendar now permit changing calendars.


See FileMaker Contacts in your iPhone's Address Book

Follow Google's instructions here for syncing your Google contacts with your iPhone: http://www.google.com/support/mobile/bin/answer.py?answer=138740&topic=14252

If you enter "FileMaker Contacts" into the "description" of the new account, you'll see a new set of contacts available on your phone like this:



Note that Google does not support syncing groups, so the only contacts that will show up are the ones in the My Contacts group. You can use Zulu's access privileges to sync just your contacts with your Google account.

The iPhone's Address Book does not currently support Zulu's phone label mapping. To get the phone numbers to appear in the iPhone you should not map the phone labels, both in the main contact record, or in the related phone numbers. Google will set them to the default value of Work.

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