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Reporting a bug

You typically should not need to know the location of Zulu 2 log files, Zulu 2 comes with a bug reporting feature. From the Sync Admin Page (located at http://[Your IP Address Here]/zulu), click on the link in the page header titled "Email Log File" This will take you to a bug reporting form which will automatically zip up and send your log file along with your problem report to 360Works support.

Zulu Submit Report 1.png
Zulu Submit Report 2.png

Log Files

If you are not able to submit a log file using the "Email Log File" link, you can still open a support ticket with us by emailing support@360works.com. If possible, retrieve the log files from the locations below and include them in the email. If the log files are too large to send by email, you can use our file uploader to send them to us: 360Works File Uploader

In all log locations 'xxxx-xx-xx' refers to the date the log was written in yyyy-mm-dd format.


C:\Program Files\360Works\Applications\logs\Zulu.xxxx-xx-xx.log


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