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ScriptMaster is a free, general purpose plug-in. Extended documentation here.


ScriptMaster changes as of June 2023

Due to increasingly restrictive signing and notarization requirements, ScriptMaster Advanced will no longer be offered. The access to clipboard and FileMaker SQL engine features of ScriptMaster Advanced are now included in the ScriptMaster plugin for free. Custom plugin generation is now offered as a service at our current hourly support rate. If you would like to have us generate a custom plugin for you, please contact us at

Legacy documentation can be found here

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Will ScriptMaster run on FileMaker Server?

Yes. ScriptMaster will run in all three possible plugin configurations: FileMaker Client, FileMaker Server, and FileMaker Web Publishing Engine. See the Plugin installation page for information on where to put the plugin for these configurations.

When using Select File module I get spinning beach ball (Mac)

This sometimes happens when you use the Select File module with the Allow User Abort FM script step set to OFF. Setting this value to ON, allows the Select File function to work smoothly.

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