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DocuBin - Documents


Get Info

To preview or edit a document, double-click the document, or single-click on a document, and select the menu option 'Get Info' from the 'Files' menu.

  • A User or Group must have Read-Only access to preview a document.
  • A User or Group must have Read-Write access to edit a document.

The Document Info layout

  • Keywords: meta data about the document
  • Template: menu of active templates to select from
  • Previews: extracted document text and file previews

Opening and checking out a document

You can preview a document inside of DocuBin, or you can open it in the document's native application. To open a document, click the button 'Open' or select the menu option 'Open FileName' from the 'Files' menu.

If you have Read-Write access to the Document, you will be given the option to check out the file. Checking out a document lets other DocuBin users know that you are the current editor; it does not restrict someone else from checking it after you.

Once a User checks out a document, he or she will have one of three options:

  1. Save Changes: inserts the file that they have been editing as a new version of the document,
  2. Decide Later: the user remains the editor of the document,
  3. Discard Changes: removes the user as the editor of the document.

Comparing Versions

You can compare versions of a document to view what has changed. Select the menu option 'Compare Versions' from the 'Files' menu.


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