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DocuBin - Folders


Get Info

To edit the name or manage the permissions of a folder, single-click on a folder and select the menu option 'Get Info' from the 'Files' menu.

  • A User or Group must have Read-Write access to change the name of a folder.
  • Only the owner(s) of a folder can manage the permissions of the folder.

Folder Permissions

  • Every folder has one of four Default Permissions: Read-Write, Read-Only, No Access, or Inherit (from a parent folder).
  • Custom permissions extend and increase access to the folder and its contents for Users and Groups.

Creating Custom Permissions

  1. Click the plus button [+] next to 'Custom Permissions'
  2. Single-click to select a user.
  3. Select a permission level for:
    • Users: Owner, Read-Write, Read-Only, No Access
    • Groups: Read-Write, Read-Only, No Access
Click Select when you are done.


  • Root-level folders cannot inherit permissions.
  • You cannot modify the Custom Permissions of a folder that inherits permissions.
  • A Group cannot be the owner of a folder
  • A Custom Permission that is more restrictive than the Default Permission will be ignored.
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