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DocuBin - Using DocuBin


The Sidebar

The DocuBin Sidebar allows users to browse files and folders in many different ways:

  • All is the top level (root) of the DocuBin file hierarchy. From here you can browse through all of the files and folders in DocuBin, just like you would on any file system. However, the root level of DocuBin is not a folder whose permissions you can manage, and no files can be stored there. Additionally, only DocuBin admins can add and remove folders from here.


  • My Favorites is where each user can collect the files and folders that are important to him or her.


  • The sidebar option Temporary Items allows a user to move files and folders between directories when the current directory and the new directory cannot be viewed at the same time. Temporary Items will get cleared out after a successful move, or when DocuBin is closed.
  1. Drag the files and folder you want to move to Temporary Items
  2. Navigate to the new directory
  3. Click (don't let go) the 'Temporary Items' directory and drag it to the new directory and let go.
  • Anything marked as deleted will show in the Trash.


  • Collections are like playlists in iTunes, and allow users to create groups of files and folders. To edit the name of a Collection, single-click the Collection, then select the menu option Get Info from the Files menu.

Moving Files and Folders

To move a file or folder, a user must have:

  1. Read-Write access to any folder being moved,
  2. Read-Write access to the folder that records are being moved from, and
  3. Read-Write access to the target folder.

Restrictions on moving files:

  • Files cannot be moved to the root level of DocuBin.
  • You cannot move records into a folder that is marked as deleted.
  • You cannot move records while browsing Favorites, Temporary Items, or Collections.

Deleting and Undeleting

  • You must have Read-Write access to all records being deleted or undeleted.
  • Files and Folders will remain in the Trash for the time specified in Settings - General.
  • You can preview records that have been marked as deleted, but you cannot edit them.
  • You can automatically undelete a record if its parent folder is not deleted. Otherwise, you will need to use Temporary Items to move the records to a new parent folder.


Quick Search

  • Documents
  • Folders
  • Keywords
  • [Template] Values
  • [Document] Text

Advanced Find

Search for Documents by:

  • Name
  • Date
  • Text
  • Keyword
  • Template
  • Label
  • Value
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