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SuperContainer can be useful in an application that is required to "store" or "link" files to different database entities, such as project/case records, client/contact records.

  • SuperContainer does not store the files in the FileMaker file, thus keeping the FileMaker files light.
  • SuperContainer is a separate application that is accessed by FileMaker through a Web Viewer. This allows SuperContainer and FileMaker to perform their separate duties without interfering with each other.
  • SuperContainer will create all the needed folders in the file structure on the fly, so there is no time spent predefining folders and hierarchy for file storage.
  • SuperContainer's companion plugin has an array of functions that will help transform a legacy system to work with SuperContainer. There are functions available for moving files stored in FileMaker container fields to SuperContainer and well as files on your hard drive.
  • SuperContainer has built-in revision tracking capabilities, while it will always display the most recent version of a file previous revisions are also accessible.

Additionally, SuperContainer does not lose any of its functionality when used in an Instant Web Publishing solution. For example there is no way to upload a file to a container field in IWP, but with SuperContainer that can be done easily.

Furthermore, several of our FileMaker plugins can be very useful in a system that manages many files/documents and their versions:

  • Difference engine - this plugin can be used to exhibit differences between two fields. For example, if there are different versions of a contract, the difference engine will be able to show which parts have changed and which parts have been removed in the later revision.
  • Patterns plugin - this plugin allows execution of regular expression searches which can be used for text highlighting among many other things. For example, this plugin can be used to highlight the word "client" in the text of the legal contact.
  • Textractor - this plug in can be useful when managing large amounts of documents. Textractor will extract text from PDF, Word, RTF, TXT, HTML and Excel files. Extracted text can be placed into a regular FileMaker text field, which will allow searches to be done on that text. For example, using this plugin, one could perform a search across all of the documents associated with a particular case that contain the phrase "Client shall".
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