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The following event hooks are called after Zulu modifies records in FileMaker. These scripts are already in the Zulu2SampleData file, and should be imported if you are integrating Zulu into your own solution, as shown here: Zulu - Integrate Into Your FileMaker Solution. These scripts are executed by name, so you don't necessarily need to copy these scripts, and you could create your own, what is important is that the names match. You should have a script named "Zulu_PostEdit", and a script named "Zulu_PreDelete" in your FileMaker solution.


This script is invoked after an event record is inserted or updated. The found set will be the event being inserted/updated. The script need not contain any steps, but you can use this do do things like enforcing new record creation rules.

This script would be useful for updating other portions of your database after a calendar user updates or created an event in their calendar application.

For example, you could have this script send you a notification email, so that you would be notified if an event was inserted or updated into a particular calendar.


This script is invoked before an event record is "deleted". The found set will be the event being deleted. Zulu does not actually delete events but puts a 1 in the Deleted field. This script need not have any steps but you can use this to enforce deletion rules.

One way to prevent an event from being removed from a calendar, is to use the "Omit Record" script step to remove this record from the found set before it is deleted.

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