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These are the Todo Properties that Zulu uses when dealing with todos.


Auto-Populated Fields

It's important that these fields are mapped, but they don't need to be modified by end users. These typically hold values that are only important for Zulu.

Event ID

  • Layout Object Name: PKEVENT
  • Field Type: Number

The primary key for the todo record.


  • Layout Object Name: UUID
  • Field Type: Text

Text field which contains the Zulu UUID for an event. You will need to add a new field to your event table for the UUID. This field is populated by the Zulu. You should enable indexing on your UUID field, as it is searched on often.


  • Layout Object Name: CREATION_TIMESTAMP
  • Field Type: Timestamp

The timestamp on which this event was created.


  • Field Type: Timestamp

Modification timestamp of the event. This is used for caching purposes by calendar clients. This must be a timestamp field, not a date.


  • Layout Object Name: ALARM_TIMESTAMP_UUID
  • Field Type: Text

The internal UUID for the timestamp alarm. Zulu populates this when creating alarms in Apple Reminders.


  • Layout Object Name: ALARM_PROXIMITY_UUID
  • Field Type: Text

The internal UUID for the proximity alarm. Zulu populates this when creating alarms in Apple Reminders.


  • Layout Object Name: ICAL_DATA
  • Field Type: Text

The ICal text dump of the todo from Apple Reminders. This does need to be stored in FileMaker, but you shouldn't need to edit it.


  • Layout Object Name: DELETED
  • Field Type: Number

A number field Zulu uses to tag an item to be deleted. You will likely need to add a new field to your event table for this. Enable indexing.

Basic Todo Fields

These fields are the bare minimum fields needed to get todos to show up.


  • Layout Object Name: SUMMARY
  • Field Type: Text

The SUMMARY is the title or name of the todo. Do NOT use a calculation here. Switch to auto-enter calcs if you have to, once Zulu is up and running.


  • Layout Object Name: STATUS
  • Field Type: Text

This defines the current status of a to-do. Valid values are: NEEDS-ACTION, COMPLETED, IN-PROGRESS, and CANCELLED


  • Layout Object Name: COMPLETED
  • Field Type: Timestamp

This field will hold the timestamp when a to-do was marked completed.

Optional Fields

These fields are optional, but provide some extra functionality that is worth using.


  • Layout Object Name: DESCRIPTION
  • Field Type: Text

A more complete description of the event than is provided by the SUMMARY field. On OSX, this shows up under the summary for the todo.


  • Layout Object Name: DUE
  • Field Type: Timestamp

This specifies when the todo is expected to be completed. Apple Reminders will display this as the due date.


  • Layout Object Name: PRIORITY
  • Field Type: Number

This represents the priority of the todo. Reminders show this as Low/Medium/High/None, but represented as a number here. You can create a calc field that translates to more human readable.


  • Layout Object Name: ACTIVITY
  • Field Type: Text

This field is multipurpose. A specific value in the field will be represented as an actionable icon on the Reminder. Some examples are:

  • tel:7702349293 - this will allow the user to call a phone number from the reminder.
  • http://google.com - this will open a web page.
  • fmp:// - this will open a FileMaker database.

Timestamp Alarm Fields

These are the fields used to create a timestamp alarm. A timestamp alarm will show a notification to the user at a specific date and time.


  • Field Type: Timestamp

The date and time the alarm should go off.

Proximity Alarm Fields

These are the fields used to create proximity alarms. Proximity alarms will show an alert to the user when they arrive or depart a certain location.


  • Layout Object Name: ALARM_PROXIMITY
  • Field Type: Text

How the proximity alarm should be triggered. Valid values are ARRIVE and DEPART. This will determine if the proximity alarm is triggered when arriving or departing the location described by the latitude and longitude coordinates.


  • Layout Object Name: ALARM_LOCATION_TITLE
  • Field Type: Text

Title of the location for the proximity alarm.


  • Layout Object Name: ALARM_COMPLEX_TITLE
  • Field Type: Text

URL Encoded title, which will show as a friendly name for the location of the proximity alarm.


  • Layout Object Name: ALARM_RADIUS
  • Field Type: Number

This field determines the distance in meters from the coordinates that should trigger the proximity alarm. This defaults to the value 400.


  • Layout Object Name: ALARM_LATITUDE
  • Field Type: Number

The latitude of the location for the proximity alarm.


  • Layout Object Name: ALARM_LONGITUDE
  • Field Type: Number

The longitude of the location for the proximity alarm.

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