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Publish Calendar script demonstrating where to change context name.

If you are hosting Zulu 2 with a hosting provider, your provider may be running your instance of Zulu 2 on a shared server with many other instances running alongside it. If this is the case, it is unlikely that you will reach Zulu using the "/zulu" path in your web browser, typically it will be customized to the name of your company, or an arbitrary, unique nickname. This will prevent the publishing script from generating the correct URL to publish your calenars. The fix is very simple though, it only requires a very slight modification of the "Publish Calendar" script. Here's a quick rundown of how to change your Zulu publish script context name:

  • Open the file you have integrated with Zulu 2 using a full access account in FileMaker Pro.
  • Navigate to the Scripts -> Manage Scripts (Or Scripts -> Script Workspace in FMP 14).
  • Locate the "Publish Calendar" script and begin editing it.
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the script, you're looking for the step just before the last Open URL step.
  • Edit this Set Variable script step, and change the portion that reads "/zulu/publish" to read "yourcontextname/publish"
  • Save the script and exit the Script Workspace or Script Manager.

That's it! You've now configured your publish script to correctly generate your publish URL using the context name given to you by your hosting provider.

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