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MirrorSync 3 is not compatible with older, version 2 offline files. Before running this update, be sure that all users with version 2.x offline files have synced to the central server. You will need to distribute new offline files to your users with version 3.

Configurations from version 2 will not be preserved in version 3, and cannot be imported, so you will need to create new configurations. However, there are no changes needed to your FileMaker fields or layouts, so creating a new configuration should be relatively quick. It's not a bad idea to first run through the configuration in version 2 and take screenshots, so you can be sure to have the same settings in version 3.

MirrorSync 3 also requires a new or upgraded license key from version 2. This is not a free upgrade, so be sure that you have purchased the new license key or the upgrade before installing MirrorSync 3 over version 2.

Updating MirrorSync only requires to you to double-click the installer and follow the instructions. You do not need to uninstall the previous version. In fact, if you do, you will lose any customizations you have made to the MirrorSync.xml file.

You may run MirrorSync 2 and 3 together, at the same time, without conflicting. If you'd like to do this, choose the 'Hosting provider' option during installation and select a different application name than the default 'MirrorSync' name. For instance, you can install it with the name 'MirrorSync3', which would allow you to continue running MirrorSync 2 at the regular name 'MirrorSync'. However, you cannot mix MirrorSync 2 scripts with MirrorSync 3 scripts in the same database, so please only do this if you are syncing with separate databases.

If you encounter any problems during syncing, PLEASE use the 'send problem report' link on the MirrorSync launch page. This is much more useful than sending us an email. If you do email us, we will probably ask you to resubmit using that link, because that sends us the detailed sync log file, which is necessary to solve most tech support issues.

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