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Zulu/FileMaker Server are on the same machine

If Zulu is installed on the same machine as FileMaker Server, the only change you have to make is in the "Publish Calendar" script.

Near the beginning, find the line that reads:

Set Variable [ $useSSL ; Value: "No" ]

Change this to:

Set Variable [ $useSSL ; Value: "Yes" ]

Try publishing and verify that this is working

Zulu/FileMaker Server are on different machines

First we will need to modify the zulu.xml file to point to the machine where FileMaker Server is installed. Do so by following the directions here: Running Zulu 2 On a dedicated machine

Second, you will have to consider your certification setup. Zulu is a Java based program, and Java is very strict about the SSL certificates it will allow. Expired certificates will not work, and Self-Signed Certificates require that the certificate be added to the Java Truststore. Directions for this can be found here: Custom SSL Certificate setup instructions

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