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Emulators And Alternate URLs

If you would like to use Plastic to perform transactions against an alternate URL, call the CCSetGateway function with the additional parameter url, whose value would correspond to the alternate url. A gateway emulator is a common use case for an alternate URL. Gateway emulators fashion an application programming interface that resembles that of a competing gateway to ease the integration process for merchants who switch to their gateway.

Example of communicating with a gateway that provides an Authorize.Net emulator at the URL http://AlternateURLGoesHere.com

Set Variable [$result; Value:CCSetGateway ("Authorize.Net" ; "url=http://AlternateURLGoesHere.com/")]

The call to CCSetGateway acts as a flag, so all subsequent transactions will point to the alternate URL until otherwise specified or FileMaker is restarted.

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