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Plastic Overview

Welcome to Plastic! Plastic is a paid upgrade from Plastic, and includes many new features for total flexibility over how and when charges are made within FileMaker.

Plastic enables FileMaker Pro to act as a payment portal, which sends and receives SSL-encrypted credit card transaction information to and from a payment gateway. The payment gateway ensures the transaction information passes securely from the customer to the gateway, from the gateway to the eventual payment processor and vice versa.

Plastic can run a charge, authorize, capture, void, or refund transactions for a number of gateways. Based on the gateway selected, functions may require different parameters or not take certain parameters at all. Please note that this documentation details how to use the functions based on the gateway selected, so it is very important you select the correct gateway or provider.

New in Plastic

  • Now supports Ubuntu Linux 20.04 and 22.04 for Plastic plugin.
  • Added support for native Apple Silicon (M1) architecture for both server and plugin.
  • Improved docs for the Tap & Chip gateway as well as existing supported gateways.
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

Tap & Chip

Your solution can now support Apple Pay, Google Pay, contactless credit card payments and many more NFC payment strategies using Plastic and our new integration with the Celero gateway. You'll get a payment terminal through Celero, walk through a quick set-up process, create an API key in the gateway, and then you're ready to make contactless payments with your solution.

Plastic communicating with tap & chip supporting terminal.
Plastic Celero.png


For a guide on how to install Plastic please see our plugin installation page

Don't have a merchant account?

If you do not already have a gateway or merchant account, you can sign up for an Authorize.Net account at the following:

Plastic Authorization Basics

Before you begin using Plastic, you'll need to know your gateway specific log-in credentials. In the function signature template, we refer to these as merchant account names and transaction keys. The chart below illustrates which credential to use in place of merchantAccountName and txKey. Please note that there may be additional security features per gateway. For example, VirtualMerchant also requires a user, Merchant Warrior requires a API Passphrase, and RealEx requires a shared secret.

Gateway merchantAccountName txKey Gateway merchantAccountName txKey
Authorize.Net Merchant API Login ID Merchant Transaction Key Celero API Key ""
First Data User ID Password Merchant eSolutions Profile ID Profile Key
Merchant Warrior Merchant UUID API Key Moneris Store ID API Token
PayTrace User name Password TransFirst Merchant ID Hosted Key
USA ePAY Source Key PIN VirtualMerchant Merchant ID PIN

Error Handling

To suppress Plastic error dialogs, please use the CCSetErrorCapture ( True ) code in your solution startup script.

For instructions on advanced error handling and custom error dialogs, see here.

Recurring Payments

If your looking to use Plastic for recurring, look for any gateway the has a section called Subscription Services. Our most popular gateway that supports recurring payments is


Click one of the links below to view payment gateway-specific documentation:

Authorize.Net Celero First Data
Merchant eSolutions Merchant Warrior Moneris
PayTrace PayPal PayFlow TransFirst

VirtualMerchant USA ePAY

Contact Us

If you still need help, there are several resources available! FMForums hosts a support forum for 360Works products. Please look through the posts and see if your question has been posted before making a new topic.

Support is also available via email at You can also call us at 770-234-9293. We offer many services in addition to our plug-ins, so let us know if you'd like a little help integrating the plug-in into your solution. Or if you'd be interested in a customized plug-in or development please let us know!

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