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Zulu is an application that keeps your calendar events in sync with FileMaker records. It is able to sync with Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and Exchange Outlook Calendar. You can manipulate the events in your calendar, and Zulu will write these changes to FileMaker records. The opposite is also true, updates to FileMaker records will be written to your calendar's events. Zulu will even respect FileMaker’s record level access privileges and record locking so you can filter records based on privilege set.

Visit the Zulu site to learn more, download a demo, or purchase Zulu for your FileMaker Server.

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Setup and Installation


Quick Start
Upgrading From Zulu 2
Calendars and Publishing
Integrating Zulu Into Your FileMaker Solution
The Admin Console
Filtering Calendars
Event Hooks
Integrating with Apple Calendars
Working with Apple Reminders
Syncing with Google Calendars
Generate Your Own Google API key (Optional)
Syncing with Exchange Outlook Calendars
Working with Recurring Events
Calendar Properties
Event Properties
Todo Properties
Logging Level
Advanced Settings

Privacy Policy

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