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Does Zulu have a log?

Catalina Logs

Zulu uses the Catalina Logs that are generated in the folder:

For FileMaker Server 11:

FileMaker Server / Web Publishing / publishing-engine / cwpe-tomcat / logs /

and For FileMaker Server 12:

FileMaker Server / Web Publishing / publishing-engine / jwpc-tomcat / logs /

A new log is generated every day and looks like catalina.2012-01-08.log. You can use the link on the zulu/admin page to send us a copy of the most recent one.

FileMaker Server Logs

Zulu uses XML Custom Web Publishing to communicate with FileMaker Server and this activity gets logged by FileMaker Server. However, Zulu cannot directly control FileMaker Server's logging. If these logs are getting very large due to Zulu activity, then it's best to refer to the catalina logs for more detail as to what's generating the activity.

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