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Does Zulu Support Repeating Events?

The Simple answer is kind of, but only when Zulu acts as a CalDAV server.

Apple Calendar/CalDAV

Repeating events in Apple Calendar are defined as a single event with an RRULE property indicating how often the event repeats. This doesn't translate well to FileMaker event records, because typically in FileMaker (for instance in the case of SeedCode Calendar) repeating events are represented by an individual event record for each repetition. Zulu 2 will not handle the creation of multiple event records automatically; however, using Zulu 2's "Zulu_PostEdit" script, which fires off after any insert or edit, to interpret the repetition rule and turn that one event into a 'one repetition per record' set of events in FileMaker. The only caveat to this method is that the event, once sent back to Apple Calendar, will no longer be repeating, but instead a set of individual events, so changing the repetition from Calendar afterwards will not result in the repetition changing for all of the events.

Furthermore, events created with an RRULE property in Apple Calendar will maintain the property so long as the RRULE prop remains in the "zulu_ICAL_DATA" field on your events layout.

Google/Exchange Calendar

Repeating events are currently not supported in Google Calendar or Exchange Calendar.

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