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==Contact Syncing (beta)==
==Contact Syncing (beta)==
'''Please keep in mind that contact syncing is officially unsupported -- configure at your own risk''' <br />
'''Contact syncing is unsupported in the current version -- configure at your own risk''' <br />
[[Zulu Contacts Overview|Why Sync Google Contacts]]<br />
[[Zulu Contacts Overview|Why Sync Google Contacts]]<br />
[[Zulu Contacts Groups]]<br />
[[Zulu Contacts Groups]]<br />
[[Zulu Contacts Limitations]]<br />
[[Zulu Contacts Limitations]]<br />
[[Zulu Contacts Related Contact Fields]] <br />
[[Zulu Contacts Related Contact Fields]] <br />

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Zulu is an extension for FileMaker Server which lets iCal see your FileMaker table(s) as iCal calendars. You can manipulate your records in iCal and when you do, you’re manipulating the FileMaker records directly: iCal will even respect FileMaker’s record locking someone else is editing the record when you try to do the same.

Visit the Zulu site to learn, download a demo, or purchase Zulu for your FileMaker Server.

Getting Started

Integration - Adding Zulu Support to your FileMaker file
Does Zulu sync FileMaker to iCal?
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Configuring iPhone: Adding calendars to iOS
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iCal and Google Calendar

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Contact Syncing (beta)

Contact syncing is unsupported in the current version -- configure at your own risk
Why Sync Google Contacts
Zulu Contacts Groups
Zulu Contacts Limitations
Zulu Contacts Related Contact Fields

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